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 Mixed Occupancy 1-Line 2017      $435 


Mixed Occupancy 1-Line Software

for Residential & Commercial

Code year selectable 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 or 2017 NEC




This is a full function 1-Line calculation program that calculates the size of a mixed occupancy main service and prints out a 1-Line drawing.


  Dwelling Unit
  Commercial Unit



The program prints out a completed 1-Line drawing and load calculations. These printouts have been approved by the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami, and other major metropolitan areas.




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SAMPLE DOWNLOADS (Excel xls format)


Main Panel Demo Dwelling Panel Demo  
Commercial Panel Demo House Panel Demo  

DOWNLOADS (pdf format)

Main Panel Calcs Dwelling Calcs 1-Line Drawing
Commercial Calcs House Panel Calcs User's Manual